Fashion tips choosing a beach wrap for your body type

What you need to wear as a cover up if you have a pear shape, cone shape or the perfect hourglass shape and more.

How do I choose a swimsuit for my body type?

How do I choose a swimsuit for my body type?

Does the sound of swimsuit shopping sound alluring to you for your trip poolside in Las Vegas, soaking up the sun in St. Bart’s or hanging out at Chicago’s North Avenue beach.

Not without a sassy cover up to help flaunt your best assets and hide your not-so-hot areas, Not to fret, Did you know there’s a cover up that best suits your body type? 

You do now, So, take the information and run to the nearest department store and get excited to flaunt your best you this summer.

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What color swimsuit is most slimming?

Just the thought of trying on suits, let alone beach wraps can create horrible images of lack of exercise, the bright fitting room lights and 

knowing you should have foregone that double chocolate fudge cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory, The right cover up can give you the self-esteem you need to enjoy the beach this year.

1. How do I dress for my body type?

Knowing your body shape is key, And, yes ladies, our body’s change unfortunately after babies, diet change and even through the years. 

So, go ahead take a good look at your body to determine its true shape and what suit and cover up will really work for you.

2. What body type is hourglass figure?

Hourglass Figure: Lucky you, You have curves in all of the right places. Everything looks good on you, So as they say, if you got it 

flaunt it, Try sassy suits and forego the cover up, Who needs one when you look as good as Beyonce? Surely not you.

3. Best swimsuits for big hips and thighs

Pear Shape: Your problem areas are that your lower body, including your hips and things are bigger than your top half. What you need to 

do to conceal this is find a swimsuit and cover up that is darker on the bottom – black is perfect, It truly visually minimizes your hips 

and thighs, You could also try a busy pattern on the top, which tricks the eye in looking at your top have and stops the attention to the 

areas of your body you don’t want people to look at, Try a push up bathing suit top, This also makes you appear to be more 

proportionate. V-neck styled swimsuit tops also draws attention away from your bottom half.

4. Best swimsuit for big thighs and tummy

Cone Shape: While you may have thinner hips and thighs, you carry your weight in your upper body, So, do the opposite, Give the 

illusion of a smaller chest, by wearing darker colors, like black on the top, For your cover up, wear shorts to balance out your shape. 

You could also wear a print cover up on the bottom, for the illusion of a more proportioned physique, Don’t wear a halter style bathing .

5. Swimsuit

suit on top; it will make you appear to have broader shoulders than you already have.

Swimsuit ideas With shorts

Stick Straight: You’re model thin, You look great in clothes, But, you’re looking for more curvature in your suits right? Of course! For 

a cover up, try low-slung hip hugging shorts, which will elongate your waist, Wear a push-up top for your bathing suit top to give the illusion of curves and head to the beach.

Everyone can look great on the beach or poolside, if you really know what looks good on your body type.

Pay attention to these details and you will be looking great, no matter where you go.

Choosing that beach wrap or cover up for your body type can be fun and liberating when you realize what really looks good on you.
Maya Lorian
By : Maya Lorian
My name is Maya, I am trying to help girls who need help with fashion, beauty, how to become beautiful and some general health advice.

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