Usage Agreement

Usage Agreement
Usage Agreement

Usage Agreement

Below are the terms of use of the site As a visitor to the planet star site, you agree to all the terms of this Agreement.

intellectual property rights

All of the topics, articles, and images that we provided on our planet star website are protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and have been authored by writers and authors working on the site. Accordingly, you are not allowed to publish or reuse these materials or transfer them digitally or non-digitally to sites Others, or rewriting the topics on the site in order to republish them in another way is strictly prohibited, except with the written permission of the site administration, otherwise you will expose yourself to a violation of intellectual property rights.

Remove malicious or private content

If there is text or a picture of you on the planet star website and you want to remove it, you can send us a message through the (messaging) page, including your name, company name, program title, and the reason for removing the text or picture. We will contact you within 48 hours to complete your order.

Privacy Statement

Planet star site cares about the information of all visitors to the site, respects it, and maintains its confidentiality. For more information on this topic, please visit the site's (Privacy Policy page).

Evacuation responsibility

Planet star website cannot guarantee that it is free from errors and in the event of any error or malfunction in the site please report it and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

We are not responsible for any losses that you may incur, whether directly or indirectly, or as a result of your use of the planet star website.

planet star website is not responsible for the content of the posts and comments you write, and this applies to your violation of the rights of others.

You acknowledge that any information you download from the planet star website is at your own risk and the website does not guarantee any consequences or any foreseeable damages.


Planet star website allows visitors to make their opinions and comments about the content and materials published in it in order to express their opinion and another opinion. Accordingly, planet star website does not bear responsibility for these comments and does not express the opinion of the writers on the site, and does not express the site’s trends, but rather the opinion of its author only.


planet star site contains information and content from other sources and websites, therefore planet star site does not make any warranties or representations to its users with respect to those contents.