All about express clothing

Express - the clothes are young, hip, global and marketed towards the modern man and woman.

The models are sexy, the colors wild, the dresses slinky. Whether you’re serving up subpoenas or Screwdrivers, Express caters to a wide variety of tastes with its unique line of apparel and accessories designed for those who want to remain on the cutting edge of fashion. 

Where is Express clothing manufactured

Who manufactures Express clothing?

Marketing its young, global fashions to modern men and women of all ages, walking into any Express store proves its wide demographic; although most Express buyers range in age 

from college to young professional, the odd high school student and contemporary “soccer mom” can be spotted holding up a sexy tube top or trying on a pair of camouflage pants. 

Many find that they can easily incorporate the fashionable apparel into their own closets to maintain a look of updated sophistication.

What type of clothes does Express sell?

From wool sweaters to oversized sunglasses to silk button-down shirts, the Express clothing brand has truly risen to the forefront of providing trendy, yet affordable, attire for fashion-

conscious men and women. Yet Express has not turned its back on traditional class in its attempt to clothe a world of fashionistas. With its classic Editor pants and a line of jeans 

meant to flatter every body type, Express has its finger on the pulse of style while retaining many of its traditional trademarks.

With over 1100 stores nationwide, the first Express store opened in 1980 at Water Tower Place in Chicago. Created as a complement for The Limited, Express provided edgier, 

sexier clothing for young women than its more sedate, sophisticated counterpart. Structure, created in 1987 for to bring the same design thought to men’s fashions, combined with Express in 2001.

What age group is Express clothing for?

Currently showcasing a variety of fashions for women and men for the upcoming summer months, an Express woman will find this season’s bright colors, polo tees and white-is-the-

new-black look reminiscent of the 80s; complementary shoe and bag designers are hyping the theme with the comeback of the pointy pump in shocking, don’t-look-now colors such as hot pink, lime and lemon.

Offering must-haves such as bags in Skittle shades, ribbed “boyfriend” tanks meant to be layered for a slash of summer brightness, and flared, pleated skirts, Express is actively 

raising the season’s style bar. Scarves can dress up even the most casual look, or add a hint of “everyday” to outfits meant for cocktails and conversation.

The Express line of jewelry offers the perfect complements for its clothing. From clunky designs in silver to multi-layered strand of shell, all the finishing details for your outfits are lined up right at the counter.

Men will find the Express Men’s summer line-up just as adventurous; well-tailored chinos and button-down shirts in orange and lime are heating up the season already.

Try a drawstring waist, a pair of linen pants and a bastiste shirt to really make your mark this summer. Polos are pulling strong, and denim is getting darker.

It’s a season where color counts, fabrics are funky and its time to shed layers in favor of baring a little skin.

Express headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio, with designs provided by two different New York City studios.

Today Express stores are carrying out a balance between hosting trendy styles for women and providing an array of men’s fashions under the heading Express Men. With its name in signature black capital letters, Express is not to be missed.

Maya Lorian
By : Maya Lorian
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