A Beginners Guide to Eye Makeup

While doing makeup on eyes and any other makeup you need to remember your age and how makeup makes one be aged if it has been applied in the wrong way.

Eye makeup step by step for beginners
eye makeup look

Eye makeup step by step for beginners

Firstly, while approaching eye shadow colors, avoid overdoing it but stick to around three or even two colors only able to complete the skin tone of your skin, for instance, muted browns in beige including bronze able to give your eye some definition without making it look overdone.

If the white at the eyelid’s center has been used, it will aid in giving the eye some pop while giving them a larger appearance than they really look.

When applying eye makeup what goes on first

When it comes to makeup eyes, it is important to remember that as people age the eyes end up less defined making women draw some hard lines around the upper and lower lid towards enhancing them.

But you need to remember that hard edges could make you look aged while a soft and blended kind of look could divert some attention from some of the obvious aging signs, for instance, crow’s feet.

Creams, greys, beiges, and browns are quite flattering and can aid to give a much-needed eye definition without appearing too affected.

How do you apply makeup step by step?

Always remember makeup eyes wrongly done, such as clumpy lashes can be avoided during application.

For mascara, it should be done below the lashes base. While drawing across the lashes, the mascara and the brush can be wiggled up at the tips helping to make the illusion that the lashes look longer and fuller.

Before applying the mascara, it is important to curl the lashes since it opens them a lot.

You can also fake it through the use of lashes more so if you are going out in the evening while applying a couple at the eye's corner to make it look really flattering.

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