How to be fashionable with the clothes you have

Ever thought of making your own trendy fashions and changing your wardrobe from dull to sparkling?

Here are a few do-it-yourself fashion ideas that may help spark some more interest.

how to dress simple but stylish
how to dress simple but stylish

How can I make my simple clothes stylish

Wanting all the glitz and glamour in your wardrobe without the hassle of celebrity price tags? 

Here are a few fashionable ideas that you can do yourself and make your dull clothes into sparkling trendsetting fashions:

  • Adding Some Glitz: Take your worst pair of jeans (pants, skirt, or jacket) and get some fabric glue and your favorite color of glitter.

Put the fabric glue onto your jeans (preferable on a pocket) in the shape of a star, heart, flower, or fabulous shape, and then pour on the glitz. Let the glitter dry and then wear your glitzy new jeans.

  • A Tinge of Fringe: Take a worthless outfit or one that you never think you’d wear again and convert it into a great fashion.

At the edge of the sleeves or bottom of the pants take a sharp pair of scissors and cut thin stripes into them (about 4 inches deep and 1/4 inch wide), these tassels at the edge of your clothes will help spark a bit more interest to your clothes, (And if you decide to cut your shirts higher so that your mid-riff shows, even better because the skin is in).

  • Sparkling up your Duds: Synthetic jewels are a great way to do it yourself and create new fashion ideas.

With a bit of fabric glue or a tad of sewing, you can add a jewel to anywhere on your apparel.

If you desire to get the most out of jewels we’d recommend that you line the neck of a plain dress with rhinestones or make a decorative trim around a pocket or down the seam of your pants.

This sparkling addition will make any girl feel like her fuddy-duddy clothes are ready for the runway.

So add some glitz, make a tinge of fringe or just sparkle up your duds, Those are a few things you can do yourself to make your wardrobe have a bit of glitz and glamour.

how to dress simple but stylish

And some new ideas on accessorizing would be helpful to add to your fashion crisis. We’d recommend following any of these do it yourself fashion ideas for your accessories to make you sparkle:

  • First, take a bit of that glitter and add it to a stripe of leather, Use decorative patterns like dotting alternate colors of glitter or making a rainbow of stripes on the stripe to wear as a unique fashion accessory to your do it your self clothes.

  • Second, if you get a few tassels of fabric and hook them onto a blank earring you can have a great new look for those silver hoops that have been at the bottom of your jewelry box for so long. And if you match the tassels of fabric to the fringe on your jean mini skirt you’d have a great new fashion trend.

  • Next, we’d recommend adding rhinestones or some synthetic jewels to an old belt, You could also go buy a cheap belt at the thrift store or at a bargain shop, Adding some sparkle in the middle could prove very dazzling and spark some interest from your friends as to how you did it yourself.

  • And finally, add a bit of spark to your nails or cheek, Adding a sticker gem or such could improve tremendously your new fashion ideas and you can do it yourself! So get your friends together and start putting some glitz, glamour, and sparkle into your apparel. Certainly, you can do it yourself.

Maya Lorian
By : Maya Lorian
My name is Maya, I am trying to help girls who need help with fashion, beauty, how to become beautiful and some general health advice.

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