What is pegan diet? How to do it?

Pegan diet, after knowing this name so many people have a question what it is and how to do it. So many people are not aware of pegan diet.

We people only luring about diet who trends now, but there are lots of diets which we even don’t know. But do not bother about it. We will bring lots of diet with according to time, you just need to keep in touch with us. lets go on the journey of pegan diet.

What is pegan diet? How to do it?
pegan diet

What is a pegan diet?

Pegan diet is inspired by two diets called paleo diet and vegan diet.

In pegan diet we need to follow rules of paleo as well as vegan diet.

As we know every diet plan is much responsible to cause inflammation.

The main focus of pegan diet is that maintain your blood sugar level and inflammation level.

There is a hardly chances to feel inflammation and change in level of blood sugar but only one restriction is that you need to full focus and follow the pegan diet.

One of the most controversial thing in pegan diet is how could we follow paleo and vegan diet at a same time because paleo diet allows to eat meat and pegan diet combine two diets, paleo and vegan. Yes, I know this sounds like impossible but as we mentioned early  has some restrictions. We can follow pegan diet without any misguides.

Our main focus get on the vegetables and fruits then we prioritize meats. In pegan diet we need to more focus on vegetables and added minor quantity for meat. It incorporate meat to just for people sake to make them easy to follow this diet.

Foods to eat on pegan diet

The pegan diet gives higher priority to vegetable foods and so on. So have a look on foods.

Eat lots of vegetables

We emphasis more on vegetables because pegan diet incorporates about 75% of veg food Our first choice is to eat the foods which are helpful to maintain blood sugar level such as, berries and non-starchy vegetables.

You are also allowed to eat starchy vegetables and sugary foods but in very low amount. Pegan diet don’t want you to cut down your all habits immediately, it allows because it will help you to follow pegan diet so long.

Choose pure form of protein

We know that pegan don’t allow to eat meats but we can eat it to full fill the protein need. The only restriction is to choose pure protein like fish, pork etc. Just think that if this diet already occupied 75% with vegetables, then we have only 25% remain to choose other foods. That means it’s obvious to choose higher quality protein in 25%.

You have many choices to get meat protein from various sources, but remember don’t over do it. We only have 25% for other sources not only for non-veg sources.

Have less quantity fat foods

As we always used to say that, don’t leave any kind of foods entirely. Your body must have habit to digest all kind of foods. If you are thinking that leaving fat foods away to lose weight then it’s circumstances would be opposite. Having right amount of fat on body is very important.

If you are allowed to eat fat foods then why don’t you choose healthy fat foods instead rather than unhealthy fat foods. If you desired to eat any junk foods ten make a simple one day for it and enjoy your food fantasies.

Here are some healthy fat foods:

  • Oil: Avocados, olive oil, coconut only non refined will be better.
  • Nuts: All types of nuts expect peanut
  • Fish: low mercury is most suitable

Foods to avoid

Pegan diet is combination of paleo and vegan diet, you may have all types of foods allowed to eat.  Here are some foods that considered to be unhealthy but not for all people or diet types. These foods can be good for some people, it’s mainly depends of individual who do you ask. These foods include sugar or unhealthy fat that’s why we put them in avoid title.

  • Sugar: Every food who contains added sugar in it, these foods are mainly a processed foods. If you want to eat you can eat but in very minimal amount.
  • Refined oil: There are several types of refined oil. Any kind of refined oil is basically unhealthy for our body.
  • Legumes: There are some of legumes really good for our health but it’s very rare that you found one. Like we can have lentils, flax seeds etc easily but they are not allowed to eat on pegan diet.
  • Diary: Diary product such as cow milk, yogurt, and chees should not be eaten on pegan diet.

The more of the foods mentioned above are healthy to our body but they can responsible to inflammation and disturb blood sugar level.

One week meal plan


  • Breakfast: Fried eggs, walnuts and berries
  • Lunch: Lentil and vegetables cooked on stew
  • Dinner: Quinoa, steam veggies with pork


  1. Breakfast: Green salad with egg omelet
  2. Lunch: Orange slices with salad rolls and steam veggies
  3. Dinner: Veggies fed beef strips, radish and salad


  • Breakfast: Stew beans with green salad and egg roll
  • Lunch: Blueberries with veggie fry
  • Dinner: Tomato, black beans with chicken strips


  • Breakfast: Grain with sand-witched oats
  • Lunch: Stew vegetables with avocado and boiled chicken
  • Dinner: Egg rolls with almond and strawberries


  • Breakfast: Banana grilled with brown bread and oats
  • Lunch: Roasted chicken with steam veggies
  • Dinner: Veggie steam and beans with fried egg


  • Breakfast: Salad sandwich with avocados
  • Lunch: Fried fish strips with veggie steam
  • Dinner: Sweet potato with mix green salad


  • Breakfast: Apple with walnut and green seeds
  • Lunch: Roasted pork with tomato grill
  • Dinner: Boiled eggs with avocados and salad sandwich

Benefits of pegan diet

There are lots of benefits of pegan diet to health, we are going to discussed only important points.

Pegan diet mainly focus on vegetables so it can be great for digestion and maintain blood sugar level. Fruits and vegetables are very nutritious with fiber, minerals etc and very beneficial for inflammation and reduce stress.

This diet also focus on healthy unsaturated fat to eat like fish, seeds and nuts. These all healthy fat foods are very nutritious for keep our heart healthy.

While following pegan diet it allows you to eat all most all types of foods, that will help you to keep your body with all healthy nutrition.

Disadvantages of pegan diet

Even it’s very beneficial but it also have some drawbacks.


There are lots of things we should consider about it’s restrictions. Even though we are allowed to eat various foods so these restriction seems to be unnecessary. These restrictions could drawn people in confusion, either is allowed to eat or not. We can’t find inevitable way to follow pegan diet.

Sometimes you are encourage to eat foods to manage your blood sugar, but it could be the reason to disturbed your sugar level. It’s obvious that if you have allergies with sugar products then it would be very difficult to manage your blood sugar.


The foods and vegetables are allowed in these diet are more likely difficult to accessible for so many people. So many foods are very rare to get in grocery you need to buy them by super market.

More of the foods are very costly and time consuming to access. This points are make it very hard to follow and how could you follow all restriction with it. The normal oil we using to cooked our foods are likely to restrict in pegan diet so it’s very costly and difficult to follow.


Pegan diet is combination of paleo and vegan diet so it allows you to eat meat also. If you are bothering with meat protein you can consume pegan diet. It allows you to eat grain products also but only with not added sugars in it. In this diet most of the foods are highly nutritious that will help you to live longer and well. If you are already know about paleo or vegan diet then it can be easy for you to follow pegan diet.

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