Five importance of wardrobe planning

A checklist and tips for choosing the best professional business clothing wardrobes.

No matter what field you’re in, fitting in with the clothing guidelines is probably one of the most important aspects of the job, wouldn’t you say? 

Just because business casual is in style, there’s no reason not to be ahead of the games, dressing for success. And, choosing professional attire is easy with a little know how.

So, grab the company’s handbook and let’s go shopping…

What are the guidelines in wearing the business attire
How do I plan my work wardrobe

choosing professional business clothing

A Creative Field

If you’re in a career such as Publishing, Advertising or PR, you have a little room to be…well, creative! 

You could wear suits in just about any color or wear a basic suit with a funky shirt underneath. 

Don’t be afraid to show your individuality. That’s what your job is all about. Have fun with coats too – do a trench with color. 

Top ten wardrobe must-haves: 

  1. black pin-stripe pant suit
  2. funky tops
  3. large funky ring
  4. light purple trench
  5. colored suit jacket
  6. hip pair of jeans
  7. pair beige pants
  8. pair of fun Manolo Blahnik’s

and last but not least, 1funky designer handbag of your choice.

What is a professional wardrobe
How do I plan my work wardrobe

It’s All Business

If you’re a Banker or a Lawyer, things are a little more formal.

Look for crisp, sharp suits in neutral tones, such as beige, navy or black. 

You can never go wrong with black or white. Have an array of skirt and pant suits to change things up. 

Go for classic jackets like a neutral toned trench coat. 

Top ten wardrobe must-haves:

  1. black or navy pant suit.
  2. beige skirt suit.
  3. crisp white button down shirts.
  4. pearl necklace.
  5. pair pearl earrings.
  6. classic red lipstick.
  7. burberry-esque signature trench.
  8. pair of black Mary Jane Manolo Blahnik’s and.
  9. designer briefcase of your choice.
How about Louis Vuitton?
How many outfits do you need for work
How do I plan my work wardrobe

Dressing Neat and Polished

It doesn’t matter what career you’re in, looking polished and clean everyday is a must.

Make sure your clothing is nicely pressed and clean and dog-hair free, your shoes are polished and not scuffed and your hair is not in disarray.

Pay attention to the little details and your employer will take notice.

What is professional attire for a woman
How do I plan my work wardrobe

The Accessories Matter

Usually people always notice if you’re toting a new bag or sporting a new pair of shoes. 

It never fails, it always seems like an instant wardrobe update. 

This is where to spend the money - on accessories. Buy a designer bag before a designer outfit. Just look at CPW (that’s cost per wear).

You’ll get much more use out of your purse than the new designer threads. 

Go classic on these, not trendy. It will not only look professional, but you’ll feel great wearing them.

What are the 3 common types of professional dress
How do I plan my work wardrobe

Hair, Makeup and nails

These should all fit in with company standards, however, here are a few useful tips.

If your field is creative, you can wear your hair with a more creative look –play with length and go for layers and highlights. 

If you’re in a more business-oriented field, it’s all about being polished with your hair.

Try a low-chignon or a shoulder length coif. For makeup, no matter what the field –go light and subtle.

Don’t be too trendy trying new over-the-top colors. Go for a more pretty, touched up…you.

Nails shouldn’t be too long. A natural tone like light pink is great and a natural length is perfect.

How do you dress classy and professional
How do I plan my work wardrobe

If you want to be the boss, dress like it

So, you want to be the boss. So dress like her, or him. It will definitely get you noticed and you’ll be taken more serious.

If the boss wears suits everyday, then follow suit. If he or she likes the dressed up casual look, take action.

Remember dressing casual doesn’t mean not caring. Always try to dress up your outfit, as opposed to dressing it down. 

Who knows, you’ll likely get that promotion you’ve been seeking.


Dressing for success has never been truer.
Maya Lorian
By : Maya Lorian
My name is Maya, I am trying to help girls who need help with fashion, beauty, how to become beautiful and some general health advice.

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